PX and crisis management

px (for PPR site)

The client

PX Limited delivers operations, management and maintenance solutions to a number of processing plants and in the energy sector. These include power plants, gas processing centres and ports at over ten sites around the country.

The challenge

Following a fatal explosion at Teesside Power Station, the media was clamouring for information. The serious incident needed to be reported to the media in a way that satisfied its need for information but was always accurate, respected the families and protected the company’s reputation.

The result

Persuasion staff were on site within 30 minutes, setting up a press and PR management function, advising and guiding senior management on statements for publications and broadcast stations from around the world. Clear and accurate information was also provided to the surrounding community, politicians and business leaders. Following the incident Persuasion worked with PX to report and manage the HSE findings and re-build the reputation of the company.

Persuasion’s effective crisis management has scooped both silver and gold accolades in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) PRide Awards.

The comment

“In carrying out these exceptional duties you dealt with the situation with the utmost professionalism. Thank you for your efforts I am proud to have you as an associate to our business.”

Tim Underwood, chief executive officer, PX limited.