Keepmoat Homes and media relations

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Keepmoat Homes is part of the £600 million turnover Keepmoat Group which builds or refurbishes a home every three minutes. It has grown from small, family companies founded in Yorkshire in the 1930s to become a major player in the house building sector – constructing around 1,000 new homes across the Midlands and North of England each year.

The challenge

Persuasion was selected to deliver a fully integrated press, broadcast media, new media and PR programme to raise awareness of it homes among buyers and lead to more enquiries and more sales.

Over the past year, when many developers have been struggling and interest in buying a new home was low, competitive advantage has been achieved by attracting the good will of the community through PR which demonstrated a genuine desire to help buyers overcome the obstacles to home purchase.

The success

A creative approach by Persuasion has used a spread of regular and engaging community events and human interest stories in local media, alongside development and construction stories to build the profile and reputation of Keepmoat Homes.

This is essential in achieving harmony which, in many cases leads to much positive publicity and recognition for community awareness and support. We have focused this activity in and around the individual developments across the country, all from our offices in the North East. We have assisted in the creation of a new website are continuing to develop a viral presence to better target key publics. From an initial outlay Persuasion has returned a massive amount of coverage for Keepmoat Homes, amounting to a 500% estimated advertising value return on investment.

The comment

“I think they are very proactive because they understand our needs with the press and needs in terms of events and opportunities.  The work they have done has really helped to raise our profile.”

Richard Bass, Managing Director of Keepmoat Homes North East