Get your message out there!

Monday, November 2, 2020


PR a short title for a wide and diverse role.


I am sure that many working in the industry will have been surprised at how little friends and family know about the job – ‘Oh so you give out leaflets in the street’ and ‘So you write copy for newspapers’ – are frequent comments.


Worse still, for those working in the medical profession, PR stands for Per Rectum – I promise this blog won’t be full of s*i*


Fundamentally Public Relations is about open and clear communication – but who you are communicating with, how you communicate and which channel you choose will all influence what a PR consultancy can do for you.


Now more than ever, with a second lockdown imminent it is vital that your organisation gets its message out there. Inform your staff, stakeholders, partners, clients, customers and the public of your plans and changes to services / product over the coming month.


In addition to the traditional news release and copywriting, photography, crisis management, media training and event management – regarded as well established PR tools of the trade – did you know we also:


* Set up and manage social media accounts to ensure you / your organisation is on top of your digital platform. Helping to improve SEO as well as driving traffic to a company’s website.


* Working with partners, create videography / vlogs for broadcast, online media and promotional purposes.


* Support organisations or individuals through challenging or negative media scrutiny / public backlash. Whether this be opposition to planning applications or personal/ slanderous attacks towards an individual or business.


* We can help lobby support for projects and campaigns by communicating with those who might otherwise be in opposition because they are unaware of the facts.


* We can provide an on call service, including 24/7 cover in the case of a serious incident such as an accident, injury – or worse – or investigation.


* Proof copy – whether this is website content, brochures, proposals, awards entries, books and or assignments / essays.


* Compile awards submissions or new business proposals for your organisation.


* Write speeches for key note speakers or individuals delivering presentations.


Right now, smart businesses are investing in pr management to maintain reputation and brand, so that once lockdown is over and spending increases, buyers / service users will be more likely to opt for its business, resulting in greater market share.


PR can be a much more tailored and trusted way to communicate with your audience.


Anyone can create an advert which says your organisation is ‘great’ – often at significant cost. A PR professional/consultancy is getting someone else to say that your organisation is ‘great’ – and there is no better endorsement to help build reputation.


Paul Dobbie